Midlife Recipes

As we age, our bodies undergo some significant changes which can impact many aspects of our health. We gain weight easily, experience hormonal changes that affect our mood and sleep. Some of us may find that we lack energy, lose strength and are more susceptible to niggling injuries or find it harder to recover from colds and minor infections. 

Eating well for midlife is key to helping us navigate the aging process and maintaining a healthy weight, bone health, muscle mass and balanced hormones. As the metabolic rate slows with each decade, we need to consider more carefully what and how much we eat and ensure what we do eat provides nutrition. Nourishing our bodies with balanced dishes and wholesome ingredients means we get all the essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats our bodies need for optimum health.  

These midlife recipes provide plenty of protein and fibre to balance blood sugar levels, promote fullness and prevent unwanted hunger pangs and cravings between meals. They include foods rich in hormone balancing phyto-oestrogens and ingredients that are low in calories but packed with nutrients to maintain the best midlife health.