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I have written two books myself and co-authored many more. The inspiration for my first book My Sugar Free Baby and Me (Bloomsbury) was becoming a new mum. I was keen to use sharing food with my new baby as a special bonding experience. Nourishing, wholesome food is important to me and I wanted my baby to be a part of this from an early age. The book emphasises the importance of new mums looking after themselves as well as their little one.

I’m raising sons sugar-free, and here’s how you can too (

“Take some inspiration from My Sugar Free Baby and Me. It’s packed with nutritious, sugar-free meal ideas that your baby will love, and you can share, so you’ll both get delicious goodness at the same time” –  Mother and Baby My Sugar Free Baby and Me: Over 80 Delicious Easy Recipes for You and Your Baby to Share: Sarah Schenker: Green Tree (

Following an appearance on BBC3 Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets, I was asked to write my second book on myth busting. The book has since been republished as Eating Fat Makes You Fat (Andre Deutsch) and tackles popular myths surrounding food and nutrition from caffeine to coconut water and detoxing to carb loading. I have been involved in numerous diet and recipe books; my work has included co-authoring chapters, recipe testing and development, nutrient analysis and science checking. I am incredibly proud of all the books I have been associated with.

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