Snacks under 150 calories

Healthy snacks or even naughty treats are important sometimes to keep you on the right track while you are trying to lose weight.

Watercress smoothies – see recipes below
2 heaped tbsp. guacamole dip with vegetable sticks (red pepper, cucumber, celery)

Half an avocado

Glass of soya milk

6 Brazil nuts

Handful of mixed unsalted nuts

Handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit

4 dried apricots

3 dried figs

2 heaped tbsp. reduced fat hummus with 4 breadsticks

Pot of low fat fruit yoghurt

Probiotic yogurt drink

4 wholegrain crackers with 2 tbsp. low fat soft cheese

Rice pudding pot

Small bar of dark good quality chocolate

Pot of low fat fruit fromage frais

Gin or vodka with slim-line tonic and handful of olives

Glass or bottle of fruit smoothie

1 glass of red/white wine Or bottle of lager

Bag of low fat crisps (baked)

2 scoops of frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries

Watercress, kiwi and apple smoothie

  1. 150ml apple juice
  2. 2 kiwis, peeled
  3. 50g watercress

Watercress and orange smoothie

  1. 1 (85g) bag watercress
  2. 150ml fresh orange juice
  3. 100ml carrot juice
  4. 100ml tomato juice
  5. dash of Tabasco sauce (otpional)
  6. salt and ground black pepper
  7. carrot stick and watercress to garnish

Watercress, melon and pear smoothie

  1. ½ Galia melon, quartered with pips and peel removed
  2. 1 pears, peeled, quartered and cored
  3. 50g watercress

Watercress, blueberry and pineapple smoothie

  1. Small tin of pineapple in juice
  2. 50g blueberries
  3. 2 large handfuls (50g) watercress