3 Day Menu Plan

This plan suits a person who works out three days a week. It provides approximately 2500 kcal and 300g of carbohydrate.

Day 1

Low fat BLT (big piece of French bread, olive oil spread, 3 grilled lean rashers of bacon, sliced tomato and shredded lettuce)
Glass of orange juice
31g protein, 109g carb

Large baked potato with a little olive oil spread, small can of tuna mixed with reduced fat coleslaw
Bottle of low fat chocolate milkshake
Bag of dried apricots
Cereal bar (Alpen, Tracker, etc.)
51 g protein, 136g carb

Pre-workout snack
Homemade smoothie (banana, skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt and skimmed milk powder). Roughly chop the banana and blend with 200ml skimmed milk, 100ml low fat vanilla yoghurt and 1 tbsp. skimmed milk powder.
17g protein, 52g carb

Post-workout snack
Protein bar (containing whey protein)
Bottle of energy drink (Lucozade Energy, Viper, etc.)
20g protein, 70 g carb

Large bowl of spaghetti with low fat bolognaise sauce
Low fat garlic bread
Mixed side salad with fat-free dressing
Rice pudding
Water or squash
56g protein, 137g carb

Day 2

4 scrambled eggs (made with a little olive oil spread and skimmed milk)
2 toasted English muffins
Glass of apple juice
Pot of low fat yoghurt
42g protein, 98g carb

Chicken salad wrap (made with cooked chicken strips, low fat mayonnaise, sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumber and tomato)
Large oat flapjack
Carton of semi-skimmed milk or bottle of smoothie drink
35g protein, 170g carb

Pre-workout snack 
Protein shake
10g protein, 50 g carb

Post-workout snack 
Edam cheese and tomato bagel
Energy drink
21g protein, 68g carb

Minestrone soup (with pasta)
Wholemeal roll
Large bowl of pork and vegetable stir fry with noodles
Fruit salad with low fat ice cream
Water or squash
67g protein, 114g carb

Day 3

Large bowl of Weetabix (3) or muesli with semi-skimmed milk
Two toasted crumpets with peanut butter
Glass of orange juice
34g protein, 99g carb

Ham and Mozzarella panini
Large fruit scone
Carton of apple juice
Small bunch of grapes
39g protein, 129g carb

Pre-workout snack 
Homemade milkshake (made with skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder and instant hot chocolate powder)
18g protein, 53g carb

Post-workout snack 
Chopped egg and rice salad (2 chopped hard boiled eggs, spring onions, peas and rice)
22g protein, 73g carb

Baked salmon or trout
New potatoes or baked sweet potatoes
Mixed vegetables like baby sweetcorn, broccoli and green breans
Cauliflower cheese
Fruit crumble and low fat custard
Water or squash
63g protein, 146g carb

Pre-workout you need whey protein (you can increase the whey protein content by adding the skimmed milk powder without increasing the volume). Drink 300ml about 15-20 minutes before you start.

Post-workout is a crucial time to eat as this is when the muscles start to repair themselves and grow. Don’t wait to shower and change before eating, grab this snack as soon as you finish, the whey protein provides the amino acids to builds the muscle and the energy drink replaces energy to aid recovery.