Using the Diet Plans

Aim to drink 2 litres of water every day, this will help to keep your appetite in check and stop confusing feelings of mild thirst with hunger.

Always have 300ml of low fat milk everyday. You can use it in teas and coffees. If you prefer to have soya products rather than milk products, make sure you choose ones that have extra calcium added.

Always choose wholegrain carbohydrates that tend to release their energy more slowly so helping to regulate blood sugar levels which keeps you feeling energised and prevent hunger pangs between meals.

Fill up on fruit and make sure you always have plenty to hand, fill the fruit bowl at home and carry a satsuma or an apple in your bag.

If you feel hungry between meals choose from the snack list below. These snacks help to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Don’t over eat on carbs, even the good ones. Serve small portions of rice, pasta or potatoes (about a third of your plate) and make up with extra veg and salad.

When you have finished eating, scrape away leftover food away immediately and don’t pick at food from other people’s plate.

Plan the weeks evening meals ahead and then shop for all the ingredients, that way you can’t use the excuse of getting a take away because you have nothing in.

If you have a bad day where you eat all the things you shouldn’t, forget about it and move on, don’t let it spoil all your hard efforts.

Ask a friend to exercise with you, it will stop you from making excuses not to go.

Snack ideas

Half an avocado
1 chicken satay stick with 2 tsp. of chilli sauce
2 mini Thai fish cakes with 2 tsp. of chilli sauce
2 fish balls and a few spears of pickled cucumber
Vegetable sticks with 1 of the dips below, try: Carrot batons, strips of red and green pepper, baby sweetcorn, celery With 1 heaped tbsp. of: Taramasalata Reduced fat hummus Tzatziki Guacamole
4 breadsticks with 2 tbsp. of spicy salsa
1 slice of pumpernickel bread topped with 2 tbsp. reduced fat cottage cheese mixed with chopped 4 sun-dried tomatoes
2 sesame flat bread crackers with 2 tbsp. reduced fat cottage cheese topped with 1 tsp. of olive tapanade on each
2 Ryvitas spread with extra low fat soft cheese and Marmite
1 Ryvita spread with peanut butter
1 glass (150ml) unsweetened soya milk