Ditch the Alcohol

We all know drinking a little alcohol is good for our health, but when it comes to weight loss it is important to remember that although alcohol contains no fat, it is high in calories:

Alcoholic drink Calories

1 glass of wine (125 ml, 12% alcohol) 83
1 glass of Champagne (120ml) 85
1 pint of beer (5% alcohol) 165
1 standard measure of whisky 51
275 ml bottle of lager or ale 88
Half pint cider 105
1 bottle of alcopop 225
1 small sherries 68
1 measure of creamy liqueur 129

It’s easy for these calories to add up quickly because you’re consuming a liquid, so if you’re watching your waistline it’s best to moderate your alcohol intake or better still abstain completely. Remember, alcohol is an appetite stimulant and a night of excessive drinking can lead to overeating late at night.