Snacking Yourself Slim

When it comes to weight loss, an extra 100 calories here and there may not sound like a big deal. Yet over the course of one year, if you could save yourself this number of calories each day, this would add up to a total saving of 36,500 calories, which equates to a loss of 10lb in weight. Do the opposite and over-eat by 100 calories and it is easy to see how weight gradually creeps on.

To keep you on target with your desired weight loss goal, but so you don’t feel too deprived, here are 50 of the best treats and snacks for under 150 calories.

Chocolate Treats

If you are trying to watch your calorie intake chocolate isn’t off the menu altogether, the following chocolate treats will satisfy that chocolate craving for less than 150 calories:

1 Twix finger 134 kcal
2 finger Kit Kat 107 kcal
1 Cadbury’s Flake cake 115 kcal
1 chocolate Club biscuit 121 kcal
1 Penguin biscuit 131 kcal
1 Crunchie ice cream bar 123 kcal

Tea Time

Are you the sort of person who just has to have something to go with their cup of tea?
Then choose from any of the following to fill that gap:

1 Cherry Bakewell Big Softie 84 kcal
2 Fig Rolls 124 kcal
3 Jaffa Cakes 144 kcal
3 Garibaldi 123 kcal
1 Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Bar 113 kcal
1 Mini Victoria Sponge 142 kcal
1 French Fancy 99 kcal

Savoury Treats

For those without a sweet tooth and prefer something with more of a kick, try any of the following:

1 Peperami 132 kcal
1 small onion bhaji 120 kcal
1 small vegetable samosa 101 kcal
1 small spring roll 103 kcal
3 chicken satay sticks 135 kcal
(with 3 teaspoons of chilli dip) (150 kcal)

Savoury Snacks

If you are a real crisp addict, try a standard size packet of any of the following:

Quavers 85 kcal
Skips 88 kcal
French Fries 82 kcal
Cheesy Wotsits 114 kcal

Sweet Treats to Make at Home

Top 3 pineapple slices (canned in juice) with a tablespoon of reduced fat Crème Fraiche 140 kcal
Fill an individual meringue nest with a tablespoon of low fat fromage frais and 5 chopped strawberries 136 kcal
Drizzle a heaped teaspoon of honey on a warmed Scotch Pancake 144 kcal

Savoury Treats to Make at Home

Split and toast an English muffin and fill with a teaspoon of low fat soft cheese and a scrape of Marmite 149 kcal
Cook an American Hot Dog, cut into 2 pieces. Put each piece into 2 small bridge rolls and add a little mustard 149 kcal
Grill a potato waffle and 1 Quorn sausage. Slice the sausage over the waffle and serve with a little ketchup 142 kcal
Top a 2 crisp rolls with 2 oz smoked salmon. Add some cucumber, lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper 142 kcal
Cut a 2 inch slice of French bread, add two slices of half fat Cheddar, splash on a few drops of Worcestershire Sauce and place under a hot grill until melted. 148 kcal
Add one teaspoon of wholegrain peanutbutter to a toasted crumpet 147 kcal
Top two cheese flavour rice cakes with a tablespoon of cottage cheese and chopped chives 112 kcal
Dip four sesame breadsticks into 2 tablespoons spicy salsa 136 kcal
Mix 2 tablespoons of 0% fat Greek Yoghurt with 1 tablespoon low fat soft cheese, add a crushed clove of garlic and dip in some vegetable sticks 127 kcal

Other Ideas

Spice up a small 200g can of baked beans with a dash of Tabasco 145 kcal
Warm a small Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread 143 kcal
If you are the type of person who can’t pass the fridge without diving into the cheese, try 2 Babybels 124 kcal
You can even have real cream with an Onken Peach Mousse made with peaches, yoghurt, fromage frais and cream! 133 kcal
Try a Vitality Probiotic yoghurt and improve the health of your gut 139 kcal
Have a Variety Pack of cereal (20 g) with quarter of a pint of semi skimmed milk 143 Kcal
1 Skinny Cow ice cream 99 kcal
1 fruity ice lolly 88 kcal


Bottle of Orange and Mango Smoothie 130 kcal
Pot of Banana Splat 144 kcal
1 can of Red Bull 112 kcal
Gin and tonic (and 10 peanuts) 107 kcal (147 kcal)
White wine spritzer (175 ml wine and soda) 115 kcal
Pimms (2 measures of Pimms, topped with lemonade and fruit) 130 kcal
Large glass of homemade lemonade 147 kcal
Half a pint of lager 87 kcal