Sarah-Schenker-BiographySarah has a wealth of experience as a health writer and broadcaster, regularly contributing to titles as diverse as The Daily Mail, Reveal and Glamour magazine, as well as appearing on and consulting for shows including Fat Club, Watchdog and across BBC Radio.

A qualified registered dietitian, accredited sports dietitian and registered public health nutritionist, she can provide ‘on-edition’ comment for national and regional media and is able to translate complex medical reports into reader-friendly stories.

Working as an adviser to several Premiership football clubs means she is also well-placed to talk about the role healthy eating can play in sport.

Sarah has worked with Tilda, the first company to bring basmati rice to the western world, to develop a new range of products aimed specifically at children.

The brief was to create healthy meals that children will enjoy, creating the right flavour profiles, presenting food in a way they will appreciate. The Tilda Kids range is great for fussy eaters – a lot of the veg is hidden in the purees, the products are visually engaging with the colours children are attracted to and no big lumps!

Sainsburys Active Kids campaign – Sarah has joined the Sainsbury’s Try Team at the UK school games, last year in Nottingham and in 2012 at the Olympic Park. Sarah developed recipes for young athletes, some sports specific to meet their needs for training and competing and some more general recipes that would appeal to the whole family.

Sarah is currently making a series of short videos for Healthspan commenting on topical diet and health stories that feature in the media (link to be added)

Past projects:

Premiership Football
Sarah has worked with Premiership football clubs, including Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur to improve team nutrition and has also worked as a consultant to Norwich City Football Club and Delia Smith.

Positive Coverage for British Coffee
Her recent work with the British Coffee Association helped create positive headlines for the organization, as she discussed the benefits of drinking in moderation.
As she says: “Coffee can help you feel more focused and alert, and may even include health benefits like protection from coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Decaffeinated coffee is a healthy option for those who want to limit their caffeine intake.”

See Sarah’s video ‘You and your coffee break – taking the stress out of your day” here.

Superfood for a super body?
Sarah has devised a watercress eating regime which she is seeking to promote as a healthy but effective, pre-party season diet plan.
The approach involves consuming watercress soup at least four times a week, combined with high-carb breakfasts and low-carb evening meals and is currently being trialed in London.  You can see the diet here (link to a recipe page).

Get Me A Celeb Body…Now
A TV regular, Sarah was part of the team working on Sky Living Online show, Get Me A Celeb Body…Now.
She provided expert advice and meal plans for presenter Victoria Joy as she attempts to make herself to look like Gwyneth Paltrow!