Healthy eating at work

It is really important to keep to good nutrition during work hours, but doing so is easier said than done. Work environments are often surrounded by fast food chains, and it can be easier to buy something daily than spending your night preparing meals for the next day. However, eating processed food or making unhealthy food choices can affect your work performance throughout the day and can have a negative effect on your mood, whilst keeping an eye on your nutrition during work hours helps to keep you focused, productive and concentrated. I know which one I prefer!

If you do not have many healthy eating choices in proximity to your work, preparing your own healthy lunchbox is a great way to keep healthy and save money. You can have a look at my previous blog post for some great lunchbox ideas here-

Consider the following things when trying to change your nutrition during work hours:

– Be aware of what you are eating and drinking, and try to look out for any bad eating habits. You may find yourself reaching for chocolate and sweets from the closest machine or store for a quick sugar fix, or caving into any cravings because of workplace stress. However, breaking this habit will improve your mood and will slowly decrease these cravings.

– Replace savoury cravings with nuts or popcorn, or sweet cravings with some fresh fruit or smoothies to get the same boost from natural sugars instead.

– Keep snacks on hand at your desk for any weak moments you may have waiting for your lunch break. High fibre or whole wheat crackers are great and will last for weeks at a time on your desk, whilst nuts are easy to snack on.

– Reduce your processed food intake by eating proper meat and vegetables using leftovers from your evening meal.

– Avoid sugary drinks and keep hydrated with water. Even better, infuse water with cucumber, strawberries, citrus or mint for a refreshing and healthy mix!

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