Make Fitness Fun Again

For many people, fitness regimes are just another thing to feel guilty about: they’re unpleasant, difficult to keep up with, and are the last thing you feel like doing after a busy day at work.

Exercise should be a choice you make that in turn makes you feel healthy and positive. If your routine isn’t doing that for you, it might be time to try changing it up.

I’ve recently joined forces with restaurant group Vapiano to create two new diet plans specifically designed for runners to provide just the right amount of carbohydrate to stop you feeling fatigued and sluggish, but not enough to result in unwanted weight gain.  Both diet plans balance your carbohydrate intake with plenty of protein and healthy carbs, which tops up glycogen levels to keep those who run regularly performing at their best and feeling fit and energised.

To celebrate being able to enjoy carbs guilt-free as part of a healthy fitness diet, this week I have decided to dedicate a post to updating your fitness routine to make that just as fun as eating pasta on a diet is!

Here are a few tips to help you learn to enjoy keeping fit again:

1) – Rest up

Don’t stress out if for one day you can’t find the energy to exercise. Everybody needs a day out to rest, and forcing yourself will only bring poor results and leave you feeling even more fed up with your routine than you were before. Take a step back from your routine and have some time for yourself, without feeling guilty about it. Read a book, take a bath, or even try Yoga to relax your mind and work your body in a guilt free way. You will feel better for it, and your fitness routine will in return reap the benefits!

2) – Call in reinforcements

There is strength in numbers! Arrange a group work-out with your friends and make exercising a social event. Once a week take a break from your usual fitness routine and suggest taking a trip out to a trampolining park, or a fun class at your gym. It won’t be a chore if you enjoy it, and you’ll work so much harder with the extra motivation from your friends. Keep the rest of your routine consistent and you will get to a point where you cannot remember life before your training routine.

3) – Remind yourself how well you’re doing

By this I don’t mean obsessively weighing yourself to try and see how many pounds you have lost. Celebrate your achievements by focusing on personal goals: just finding the motivation to exercise is an achievement in itself sometimes. Remind yourself how hard you found it at the start of your journey, and focus on the moments you enjoy. If your workout is becoming stale, find the confidence to try something new and remind yourself that this is a brave thing to do. Check in with yourself and remember this is your own journey. You have probably inspired somebody else to start their own fitness journey, and that is something to be proud of even on your lowest days!

Find out more about the Vapiano fitness campaign here:

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