How to avoid a chocolate binge this Easter.

Easter can be a real challenge when you’re following a strict diet plan. Everywhere you look the shelves are filling up fast with chocolate temptation.

Here are my top tips to help you stay strong and maintain your willpower when the Easter bunny comes to taunt you with her delicious chocolatey eggs.

1 – Get outside: The Easter holidays are a sign that Spring is finally here (even if the weather doesn’t always play along with this theory!) Make the most of your time off to get away from the office environment and get outdoors. Go for long walks, go for a swim or long cycle ride. Instead of spending your free time munching on Easter eggs in a dark room, think of all the fun you could be having outside.

2- Find your alternative treat: On Easter Sunday when everyone else is digging into their chocolate eggs, give yourself a sweet but healthy alternative treat that you can enjoy too. Why not bake something for the whole family to enjoy? Take a look at my favourite Sweet recipes here for inspiration:

3 – Remind yourself how far you’ve come. Every time you’re tempted to give in, take a second to step back. Close your eyes and think about how it will make you feel. Think about your body and how hard you have worked to get it to its current state. Just ask yourself it it worth the calories. If the answer is yes that’s fine, enjoy but it’s not worth it if it just makes you feel guilty or miserable afterwards.

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